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Code samples

Add the input event listeners to the page

<body onload="wii.setupHandlers()">

Create a wii.Controller to handle input events

var wiimote = new Wiimote();
wiimote.handleA = function() { // override the handleA() method
  alert('A button pressed!');
  return true; // also let this event propagate to the browser

Create a subclass of wii.Wiimote

/** @constructor */
function MyWiimote() {
  wii.Wiimote.call(null); // this is like super() in Java
MyWiimote.prototype = new wii.Wiimote(); // inherit Wiimote prototype
MyWiimote.prototype.handleA = function() { // override Wiimote.prototype.handleA()
  alert('My A button pressed!');
  return true;

Select a wii.Controller class based on the browser type

// use this to develop your web site on a PC
var controller = (wii.isWiiOperaBrowser())
               ? new wii.Wiimote()
               : new wii.KeyboardController();

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