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Creating web sites for the Wii Opera browser

Though it may be old news that Wiimote keycodes can be detected by JavaScript in the Wii Opera browser, I could not find a JavaScript library that facilitates handling these input events, so I created my own. I believe that this library is only one piece of making Wii-friendly web sites. For example, you can use CSS to ensure that you use fonts that can easily be read on the Wii. Also, buttons appear to be better navigation controls than links as links have no visual feedback when you mouse over them whereas buttons change colors upon being valid click targets. I expect other design standards for the Wii browser to emerge, and if I hope to post what I learn on this site.

JavaScript library

The API is fairly simple: it allows you to register a wii.Wiimote as a listener which receives events whenever a button on the Wiimote is pressed (except for the Power and Home buttons). There is also a wii.KeyboardController object with the same API that allows you to simulate using a Wiimote on your keyboard so sites can be developed on a browser on a PC and then tested on Wii Opera. Future releases of the API plan to support more complex interactions, such as indicating when multiple buttons are being held down at the same time.

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