TargetAlert for Firefox

Future Goals

  • Let users add their own icons and file extensions.
  • Allow users to get new alerts seamlessly when updating to a new version.
  • Provide keyboard shortcut to toggle TargetAlert on and off.
  • Let users edit exclude URL patterns in addition to simply adding and removing them.
  • Add Exclude from TargetAlert option to context menu that proposes URL patterns based on the current page and adds the selected ones to TargetAlert's exclude list.
  • Provide web access to project CVS repository using ViewCVS.
  • Provide an alert when you have <a href="X">Y</a> and X and Y do not match.
  • Treat JavaScript popup links as normal hyperlinks.
  • Enable users to import/export lists of alerts.
  • Let users set the size of TargetAlert icons.
  • Make TargetAlert work with Thunderbird, as well.
  • Allow Mozilla users to be able to install to the profile or application folder.
  • Provide default support for the following file types:
    • gif/jpg/jpeg/png
    • swf

If you have other alerts or features that you would like me to incorporate, then please send me an email.

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