No Advertisements

Because Google Dominoes queries Google through its Web API, it does not receive any advertisements among the search results. This gives you more screen space to play with when creating templates for Google Dominoes.

Get Luckier

By setting the sort type of the GDResults tag to visited, the visited links will appear first in your list of search results. This makes it easier to find web sites that you have found by querying Google. Furthermore, it adds more power to the "Feeling Lucky?" button. Consider the following scenario:

  1. You search for blub.
  2. You notice that the 5th search result on the page is the one that you want, so you follow the link.
  3. The next time that you search for blub, the link that you visited appears at the top of the list because you have sort="visited".
  4. Thus, typing blub into the Google Dominoes search box and hitting the "Feeling Lucky?" button will bring you right to the desired page!
Thus, you only need to remember the keywords that you used to search Google to return to your page quickly. This is often easier than remembering the page's URL, and is more convenient than using bookmarks.

Make It Prettier

If you click Options->Templates, you can manipulate the template that you use to display search results in Google Dominoes. There are a number of custom Template Tags for Google Dominoes that make it simple to layout your search results.