iGoogleBar: Google Apps Bar with iGoogle Gadgets

Install the iGoogleBar Firefox Extension

What is this?

iGoogleBar is a Firefox extension that adds Google Apps favicons to the Google Apps Bar, using them as triggers for the Apps' respective iGoogle Gadgets. In the screenshot below, you can see how this can be used to check your calendar from inside Docs. It also shows unread counts from Gmail and Reader!

Can I customize which Apps are displayed in the bar?

Yes, to some extent.

You need to go to about:config in Firefox, right-click on the list of preferences and choose New > String. The name of the preference must be bolinfest.igooglebar and the value must be a comma-delimited list from the following set:

Personally, my value for this preference is Gmail,Calendar,Reader,Documents

Features you probably wish I would add but likely won't because I don't have time:

How did you create iGoogleBar?

I created iGoogleBar using Chickenfoot. Chickenfoot has a packaging tool built-in so it is easy to create a Firefox extension from a Chickenfoot script. Feel free to take a look at the source code for the iGoogleBar and then fire up Chickenfoot and make whatever modifications you like! If you already have Chickenfoot installed, you can just add the iGoogleBar Chickenfoot script as a "trigger" inside Chickenfoot rather than installing the standalone extension.

Known Issues