Calendars I Have Extracted from the Web

Why? So I can overlay them in Google Calendar, of course!

There are some pages on the web with calendaring information that do not export their calendar data in a way that calendaring software can consume it. Some kind souls have decided to create Google Calendars for this information, but as far as I can tell, they are updating their Google Calendars by hand which means it is pretty easy for them to get out of date. I've decided to address the problem by writing scripts that will periodically (using cron) scrape the calendaring data (using Python) from these sites. These scripts would have been much easier to write using Chickenfoot; however, since I don't know how to run Chickenfoot scripts using cron (any ideas?), I ended up writing some little Python scripts instead.

Click    to add the Live 105 Concert Calendar to your Google Calendar.  [Python script]

Click    to add the Shoreline Amphitheatre Events Calendar to your Google Calendar.  [Python script]